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Foreign Language Help

posted Dec 18, 2012, 8:40 PM by Robert Chandler   [ updated Dec 24, 2012, 4:48 AM ]
How do I install and test my foreign language help in HV2? 

Using Language Packs

Help Viewer language is locked to the Visual Studio UI language. 

To change the UI & Help  language you need to download and install the required language pack.
To select a different language and access the language pack download page go to 

(VS main menu) "Tools > Options > Environment > International Settings".

Click the link to access the Language Pack download page. You can download and install one language pack at a time
(Tip: When the "Save As: dialog appears prefix the file name with the locale code).
Installation can take several minuets to complete and a reboot is required. Once installed, the new language is available in the language drop-down (see above).

Here (below) I've selected French, but notice that English downloads are still available.

As a matter of interest, you can see the Help registry changes after I installed French & Japanese language packs (I had opened Help Manager but hadn't downloaded anything).

English UI & Foreign Help

Developers like to test foreign language help under an English UI (or their own language). 

VS 2012 doesn't allow this. Or does it? 
If we created a broker application to sit between Visual Studio 2012 and VS Help Viewer we could easily switch the language.
See our VS11 Help Debug application.