Code Examples

C# Code Examples: HV2Viewer | HV2 API Explore 

General API Documentation: HV2 API Calls


Code is available on codeplex:

About the Code Examples

The aim of the project was to provide code that demonstrate how to use the MS Help Viewer 2.0 API (new for Visual Studio 2010 and Windows 8). Examples are in C# but hopefully they will help when coding in other languages as well.
  1. HV2Viewer is an example of a full blown help viewer that can view VS 11 help files. 
  2. HV2 API Explore is an example that explores the API calls plus other aspects of HV2.
All demos use the VS 11 API, however there is nothing to stop you from referencing the Windows 8 API (identical interface) instead (see the example documentation).