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Example 1 -- Fabrikam South Park Example

A simple 5 page SelfBranded example. 
Notice there is no evidence of any MS branding in this help and owe CSS and Script is working as expected.

VS 2012 viewer (in dark theme)

You can download and unzip example below "".

To install
  1. In the Manage Content page of the VS 2012 viewer enter the path to the example's .msha file. 
  2. The Fabrikam example will appear in the left pane (ie. The content of the .msha). 
  3. Notice we still see listed any existing help you have installed locally. 
  4. Now click the "Add" link in the Action column and the Fabrikam example will appear in the right pane (and the "Add" Link now changes to a "Cancel" link).
  5. The Update button is now available (bottom right) which will install the help example.

Robert Chandler,
Sep 23, 2012, 8:02 PM